Recipe Test: Feed Me Vegan’s Quinoa, Sweet Potato & Kale Salad

I’m quite ashamed to say I’m not the best cook. I can bake a decent cupcake, but apart from that, I can just about manage a bowl of pasta. Now that I’m focusing more on what I actually put into my body, I thought it was time to take cooking seriously. No more throwing some vegan sausages in the oven and then popping some lettuce next to it on the plate.

Back in the day, I used to love Lucy Watson from Made In Chelsea. She was such a straight-talking badass, and people at school used to say I look like her which was ace. She’s now a big voice in the vegan community here in the UK, using her platform to promote the lifestyle and show how it can benefit everything from animal welfare to climate change. She’s now written two vegan recipe books, and Feed Me Vegan is the first. As a very inexperienced cook, I though I’d start off with something that looked relatively simple – the quinoa, sweet potato and kale salad.

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The recipe is a pretty simple one, with standard ingredients you can find in any supermarket. I started by slicing up the sweet potato, adding a little oil, salt, pepper and paprika and popping it in the oven. Easy enough. Then I decided to go a ~little~ rogue and fry some onion too, because why not? Once the onion was golden brown I added some almonds in there (ignoring that they should be baked in the oven because I didn’t have another baking tray at hand) and popped the pre-cooked quinoa in the microwave.

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The sweet potatoes were then ready to be flipped over, so I did that quickly before massaging the kale with a little olive oil (apparently this makes it easier to digest?). I threw in the onion, almonds and the quinoa and gave it a mix with olive oil and lemon juice. When the sweet potatoes were ready I threw them in the mixing bowl, gave it all a big stir and topped it with some chia seeds.

There was a really good mix of textures and flavours which made it so much better than a normal, boring lettuce salad. Luckily for me, I made a double portion so I can have it for lunch tomorrow too (I think I might add a little bit of avocado on top.) Overall, this recipe is impossible to get wrong; it was so, so simple and took about half an hour, which is great if, like me, you get bored really quickly.

My verdict on Feed Me Vegan’s Quinoa, Sweet Potato and Kale Salad? 9/10

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Have you tried any recipes from Feed Me Vegan? Let me know!