The Crystal Guide

No, I don’t practice Wicca and I’m not a pagan witch. I’m just one of many millennials/gen z-ers (I don’t really fit into either category, but more on that another day) becoming interested in crystals. The allure of crystals isn’t a new phenomenon; people have been using them for thousands of years. There are many different types of crystals and more uses than I think anyone knows. While no one claims that your crystals are going to cure cancer and make you win the lottery (actually, there probably is someone out there saying these things, but they are wrong so ignore them), they aren’t going to change your life. You have to do that. But they are a vessel for energy and can provide a positive force to help you focus and balance your life.

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Refinery29 said¬†“Gems and minerals have been used as talismans and tools of emotional, spiritual, and physical healing since ancient times, by nearly every civilisation on record: from the Greeks and Romans, who used them as medicine and protective charms, to the Mayans and Native Americans, who regarded them as a sacred connection to the divine.” which I think sums up the cultural and societal importance of crystals pretty well.

Here’s a guide to the crystals I use (and have previously used) and their properties:

Quartz – Balance

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The clear quartz is the queen of the crystal world. Considered a “master healer” the quartz amplifies energy by¬†absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it, and helps your concentration and memory. This stone is one of the most powerful, and can be paired with other stones (like rose quartz) to enhance their abilities, as well as help stimulate your immune system.

Rose Quartz – Love

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Love, love, love. The rose quartz is said to restore trust and harmony in all manner of relationships and improve connections with those you love. It encourages love, respect, trust and self-love, while also comforting you when you are grieving.

Citrine – Optimism

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Releasing negative traits from your life, like fear and self-doubt, citrine encourages optimism, warmth, motivation and clarity and enhance mindful qualities like creativity and concentration. This is the stone for joy, wonder and enthusiasm.

Obsidian – Protective

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Obsidian helps form a shield against physical and emotional negativity. It helps you move past emotional stagnation and promotes strength, clarity and compassion. It also helps your physical being, by aiding digestion and the body’s detoxification process.

Amethyst – Sincerity

One of the most famous crystals is the amethyst – it’s protective, healing and purifying. Helping you rid your mind of negative thoughts and allow for humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom, the amethyst’s abilities are far-reaching. It also aids insomnia relief and is said to boost hormone production, cleanse blood and relieve pain. Winner.