Everything I’ve Tried From Glossier

You might want to grab a cup of tea before we begin, this is a mammoth one.

If you’ve had access to the internet over the past four years, there’s no doubt you’ll have heard of Glossier. When it came to the UK in October 2017 I panic bought everything I could afford, and thus began my love affair with the brand. From the iconic Boy Brow (which used to have a waitlist of over 10000 before they ramped up production) to the new line Glossier Play, they have a range of products that makes it seem like this brand was made just for me. It’s always nice when a brand makes you feel special.

It’s a line primarily made for people with normal-combination skin with no major concerns – this isn’t the place to go if you have bad acne or are looking for a cure for your rosacea. It’s simple, easy-to-use products that come in pretty pink and white packaging, nothing more, nothing less. This is everything I love, everything I’m “meh” about and everything I don’t like. 

The Best

Milky Jelly Cleanser – 10

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Iconic. Amazing. Please never change. It is the perfect cleanser for those that just want something nice and soothing to clean their face and take off makeup. It’s refreshing, purifying and gets out all the junk without stripping your skin dry. They swapped a 1/4 of the water content with rosewater, so it’s nourishing and soothing, and they’ve added in aquaxyl which “refills skin’s water reserves and improves its barrier to prevent dehydration.” It smells good too.

Solution – 8

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For someone without major acne and doesn’t routinely struggle with texture problems, this exfoliator is ideal. Its ingredients include salicylic acid (a BHA), glycolic acid (an AHA), lactic acid (an AHA), gluconolactone (a PHA that exfoliates while moisturizing and conditioning) and an anti-stress complex comprised of aloe and niacinamide). If you don’t know anything about exfoliating, Solution is a good place to start.

Priming Moisturiser – 9

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There’s nothing better than a freshly moisturised, dewy face. Priming Moisturiser achieves just that. It’s super simple and lightweight, meaning it’s great for daily use and goes well under makeup. While the name implies that it’s a primer, it isn’t, but it does make your skin smooth and soft, and therefore a great base for product.

Priming Moisturiser Rich – 9

See above, except it’s thicker, richer and great for overnight moisturising or if you have super dry skin. And it comes in a pretty tub.

Glossier You (Normal and Solid) – 10 / 9

While I think the original, liquid Glossier You is a touch better than the solid formulation, I love this perfume. Featuring ambrette (comfy, warm), ambrox (smooth, salty,  animalistic), musk (long-lasting, addictive) as the main notes, it blends perfectly with your pheromones to give you a unique scent. The reason I prefer the liquid over the solid is that it lasts slightly longer, but the solid is perfect for travelling with. 

Body Hero Duo – 8

I’m the first to admit I’m not crazy about body care. I’m always forgetting to moisturise after a bath or shower and I can go ages without shaving my legs. The Body Hero duo is a great antidote though – they feel good and smell amazing which makes me want to look after the skin that covers the other 90% of my body. The Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream has an amazing orange blossom and neroli blend which leaves you smelling delicious for hours, and the Body Hero Daily Oil Wash has an incredibly unique oil consistency (as the name would suggest…) that contains coconut, meadowfoam, olive, and soybean oils leaving your skin soft and silky even if you forget to moiturise afterwards.

Lash Slick – 9

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I’m quite lucky in having relatively good lashes, but Lash Slick makes me look like I have extensions. It curls and sculpts without clumping and the flexible film-forming polymers lift and lock each lash into place. It’s also water-resistant but easy to remove at the end of the day. The formula also contains vegan (!!) biotin to help condition and strengthen your lashes which means Lash Slick even helps them look great on no makeup days.

Boy Brow – 10

I honestly don’t think any other brow product will compare to Boy Brow. For someone who has been bullied into plucking her eyebrows by mean boys before (and by ‘boys’ I mean a 25-year-old man… but that’s a story for another time) I love the trend of bold, bushy, unruly brows. Boy Brow comes in three colours and clear shade and gives the perfect amount of colour and hold without looking like you’ve hair-sprayed your eyebrows to your forehead. It’s perfect and you need to buy one immediately.

Skin Tint – 9

When Glossier announced they were reformulating their Perfecting Skin Tint and more than doubling their shade range I got excited. I haven’t tried the old version, but I’m really digging this upgrade. I’m shade G11 (light neutral) and it’s great for me as it gives a little coverage (which is definitely buildable by adding a few more drops) but doesn’t give that “I’m wearing a ton of foundation look”. It just gives a good evened-out look to skin.

Mask Duo – 8

There’s nothing I love more than reading a good book in the bath with a face mask on. The Glossier Mask Duo work in harmony to deep cleanse your skin and then pump it full of moisture and glow. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is the detoxifying mask and the Moisturising Moon Mask is the soothing treatment while they have been designed to go together, I like to switch them up and either do them by themselves or mix them up with other masks. I leave each of them on for about 20 minutes and then carry on with my normal routine. Good skin achieved.

The OKs

Vinylic Lip in Baby – 7

This is a relatively new purchase which is why it’s gone in this section. My initial impressions of it were good – I wore it to a house party and it stayed on from about 7:30 to after midnight, which is pretty good going for a lip laquer. It’s super high shine but not sticky and has a pretty finish and wore off quite evenly. It did take a while to get the product out the first time I used it, but I’m thinking about purchasing another colour – I’ll give you a better update in the future.

Balm Dot Com – 6

The Classic. The Loved. There are so many fans of Balm Dot Com, and for good reason. There are now 7 flavours – Original, Birthday (inspired by Milk Bars famous cake, with subtle shimmer), Rose (with a barely-there pink tint), Cherry (with a sheer, juicy red tint), Mint, Coconut, and Mango. While it isn’t the *best* balm I’ve ever used I don’t think (I’m yet to find my holy grail), it is still a very good balm and leaves lips (and elbows or any other dry place) soft and smooth.

Generation G Lipstick in Zip and Like – 7

Thank God they reformulated this one. The first Generation G lipstick came in great colours, but the formula and packaging left a little to be desired. Now the packaging is fab and the formula doesn’t literally fall out of the tube after three uses, but it still comes in all the same great colours. It’s a sheer matte lipstick that gives a gentle, diffused almost-smudged look to lips. It’s easy to apply (I don’t even use a mirror) and wears off evenly. I have it in Zip (a bright red) and Like (a pale pink) and they can both be worn super sheer and subtle or dialled up for more impact.

Colorslide Eyeliner in Disaster Class and Brack – 7

A new addition to the range that was part of the launch of Glossier Play. This one is their technogel eye pencil that comes in all the colours you never normally see. For someone that isn’t great at eyeliner a lot of these colours are daunting so I went with Disaster Class (a deep wine red) and Brack (a woodish brown black). They are very pigmented and last a full day. There are so many other colours I want to try – including a teal, deep navy and metallic copper, so I’ll be upping my eyeliner game.

Wowder – 5

I’m an oily-skinned girl, I hate to admit. My oil burns through whatever products and powders I put on my skin within an hour or two of putting them on, so I’m making it my life quest to find a powder that actually keeps me at least semi-matte all day. Unfortunately, Wowder isn’t quite it. I imagine it’ll be great on someone with normal to dry skin, I still end up oily. It does give a lovely finish though, and the trampoline mesh packaging is cool AF.

Cloud Paint – 6

I wasn’t ever too interested in getting the Cloud Paint blushes when they first came out but I purchased the Makeup Set back in December which this is a part of. I have Beam, a soft peach. It does blend easily and has a nice glow, but it isn’t my favourite blush doesn’t match up to the Milk Lip + Cheek tint in my opinion. I do want to try another colour though to give the product a fairer shot.

The Bad

Super Pure – 2

This genuinely did nothing for me. While I’m not super into my serums (as I probably should be), I saw nothing come from this product. The niacinamide and zinc are meant to soothe skin and deal with breakouts, but it just felt like I was smearing water all over my face. I’d highly recommend trying The Ordinary’s version of this, as it’s a fraction of the price and does the job much better.

Concealer – 3

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While I really wanted to love this concealer, it just doesn’t do enough for me. I can appreciate their demographic generally want dewy skin all the time, and this concealer certainly caters for that crowd, but I don’t want my concealer to draw attention to my flaws. The coverage just isn’t enough for me, but I was using the old version before they added more shades, so maybe I’ll give it another crack if I want something more light coverage.